Symbol of youth, innocence and candour, Daisies evoke a beautifully delicate sweetness. The word in English is derived from an older term that means ‘eye of the day’ because it’s flowers open only during the daylight hours. These qualities are translated onto our collection of «Daisy» bottles and teamugs, full of romantic charm and alluring mystery.

Description Insulated teapot 350ml - Daisy

Our 350ml insulated teamugs, trendy and practical, keep your tea, infusion or detox preparation 5 hours hot and 7 hours cold!

Waterproof and ergonomic, they are the ideal solution for taking your drink with you wherever you go.

2 filters are included:

1 long basket type filter for temporary infusion and 1 short filter for permanent infusion.

They open and close easily thanks to their cap which unscrews. Handwash only. BPA free.

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