Isothermal water bottle, how to choose it ?

Isothermal water bottle, how to choose it ?

You've been wanting to buy an insulated water bottle for a long time but don't know which one to choose? You are lost among all the models available on the market? Don't panic, we will explain everything you need to know to make the right choice and choose the isothermal bottle of your dreams and especially, the one adapted to your needs. Types of thermos flasks, materials, capacities, efficiency and design are the criteria that guarantee drinks that stay hot or cold according to tastes and seasons.


The type of thermos flask according to its use

You want to reduce your carbon footprint, consume ecologically, reduce your waste and use reusable containers? In a word, you are looking for an isothermal water bottle that will be useful for your cold or hot drinks, to go to work, to accompany you to the sport, and you are wondering which one to choose?


In the jungle of isothermal bottles, there are different types of bottles:

- The isothermal bottle: made of stainless steel, the isothermal bottles from Yoko Design have everything to please, they are totally hermetic, they keep both hot and cold, they are elegant and offer many colors and design, there is something for everyone. Insulated bottles have become the little sisters of insulated water bottles, and many people nowadays opt for their more modern design, and use them as water bottles and take them everywhere to enjoy their favorite drinks wherever they go.

- The isothermal gourd: With a capacity of 550 ml, it is used for your cold drinks as well as for your hot drinks. Totally hermetic, thanks to its silicone and stainless steel seals, it differs from the isothermal bottle by its special BPA-free plastic mouthpiece, which makes it a full-fledged water bottle very much appreciated by sportsmen, hikers and active people. Its soft-touch finish allows an excellent grip even if you are on the move, and it remains ideal for drinking directly from the neck.

- The plastic water bottle: Guaranteed BPA-free, and with a capacity of 650 ml, this water bottle is made of an extremely resistant and infinitely reusable plastic, the plastic water bottle from Yoko Design is ideal whatever the sport you practice. Designed to hold cold drinks, their colors with the PSG logo and their ergonomic shape will please most people. You can open it with one hand, while with the other you don't let go of your racket.

- The single-walled children's bottle. Giraffe, tiger, zebra or parrot, in pastel colors and with a capacity of 350ml, the single wall stainless steel water bottles from Yoko Design will accompany your children to school or on a walk. Lightweight, with a size and capacity adapted to the size of their little hands, they are ideal to keep their favorite drinks. Yoko has even designed for them 150 ml reusable water bottles with the same colors representing the same animals, to allow them to enjoy an ecological snack, without waste, and to teach them from the youngest age the importance of reusable containers and daily gestures regarding the environment.


What material should you choose for your water bottle?

Glass, stainless steel or plastic, the choice is yours.

Yoko Design offers you all possibilities for reusable containers to help you reach your zero waste goals. Stainless steel water bottles, glass bottles with protective felt, BPA-free plastic bottles. Whichever material you prefer, you can be sure you're buying a quality product that you'll keep for a long time while doing something responsible for the environment. The stainless steel insulated bottle is stronger and more durable over time, but if you're careful, the glass bottle will live as long. The plastic bottle is less effective at keeping drinks hot or cold. One of its main advantages is that this material is lighter, and always with a view to infinite reuse and zero waste, Yoko Design has selected for you a particularly durable plastic.


The hot/cold shelf life of your ecological water bottle

Water bottles and isothermal bottles can keep hot or cold for 12 hours for your hot drinks and 24 hours for your cold drinks. As for the isothermal mugs, they only allow an efficiency of about 2 to 4 hours. We recommend that you choose an isothermal water bottle with a cold/hot storage time that corresponds to your needs. For example, for a hike, choose a stainless steel bottle for your hot drinks and a plastic bottle for a cold drink because it is lighter. On the other hand, if you prefer your drinks to be cold and the weather is sunny, then without any hesitation, it will be the stainless steel isothermal water bottle!


The capacity of your isothermal water bottle

The dimensions can vary from one model to another. The isothermal or glass bottle offers a larger capacity, up to 1L. Ideal to spend the whole day outside your house without having the possibility to fill it. The various insulated water bottles offered by Yoko Design in stainless steel, BPA free plastic or for your children's lunch in stainless steel single wall, wear free and infinitely reusable have varying capacities, between 350 and 650 ml, but often sufficient for a snack, a half day or a sport activity. Finally, the isothermal cans are also very successful and their capacity varies from 280 to 500 ml. This capacity is perfect for a car or bus trip.


The design of your isothermal water bottle

There are different designs, between the patterns and colors, you are spoiled for choice. Your ecological bottle could even become your new fashion accessory. It's up to you to decide which thermos flask you will fall in love with!


Discover our new 1L insulated bottles, ideal to keep your drink, cold or hot, all day long.

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