Mother's Day: Give her a zero waste gift

Mother's Day: Give her a zero waste gift

It's almost Mother's Day, do you know what you're going to give to your mom or the mom of your little ones? Next Sunday, May 29th, be ready to give her a sustainable and eco-responsible gift, we guide you through this article.


Mother's Day a little history

The 'paternity' of Mother's Day has a distant origin that dates back to antiquity, and when we go back to this history, we realize that each country has more or less taken over this celebration to accommodate it and make it their own. Thus in France the village of Artas, located in the department of Isère, boasts of having the first celebration of the mothers, in France, by having on June 10, 1906 put at the honor 2 mothers of numerous families which had each 9 children.

This celebration of motherhood is also a rite that celebrates women in spring for their gift of procreation. Greek mythology also glorifies the mother of Zeus, Cybele, in spring.

In 1907 in the United States, Anna Marie Jarvis, from a very large family, decided to honor mothers and through them her mother, who had died 2 years earlier. Her mother, a feminist before her time, had worked hard so that women could have the means to raise a family in peace by helping many mothers in order to combat the infant mortality rate at the time, by creating a women's club within her church to help the less fortunate. In 1907, on the initiative of Anna Marie Jarvis, Mother's Day was born to honor the strength and hard work of all the mothers to whom humanity owes so much. Seven years later, in 1914, the American President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday.


Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates depending on the country, thus the United States celebrates it on the 2nd Sunday of May, while in France Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, and exceptionally on the first Sunday of June when Pentecost falls on the same date.

For those who still have this misconception in mind, Marshal Pétain is not the instigator of Mother's Day in France. He just, in 1942, declared the value of women, and mothers in particular, in order to boost the birth rate in France, which was at its lowest.


This year we will celebrate mothers on Sunday, May 29, 2022, so get ready!


Give her a sustainable gift and go for zero waste!

At Yoko Design we want to limit the waste of everyday life as much as possible, that's why all our products are eco-friendly, have a long or even very long durability and are perfectly recyclable.

All our containers have a zero waste objective and are reusable.

By offering your mom a Yoko Design product, you are sure to give her an elegant, functional and above all non-polluting product that she can keep for a long time.

Even better, by offering a Yoko Design product you are doing good for the environment and also good for her health. Did you know that stainless steel is antibacterial and infinitely recyclable?

Do you know the bee-wrap? It is a food film based on natural elements that allows you to wrap or cover your food while preserving their freshness without reducing their quality. Based on honey on one side for its antibacterial properties and tree resin on the other for its adhesive properties, the different bee wraps that you offer will surprise and delight your mother.

Have you ever seen our isothermal mugs? They are irresistible and extremely practical, because their safety cap will allow your mother to move around while enjoying a good hot coffee or tea while reading the latest novel by her favorite author on her terrace or in the park near her apartment.

An insulated water bottle can also be a wonderful Mother's Day gift. No more plastic bottles that are harmful to our health and that do so much harm to the environment, Yoko Design's insulated water bottles are very elegant, come in different sizes and will be able to follow your mother everywhere, even during her jogs or hikes.

Let's not forget the Dammann box (with a delicious tea from this great house), the Japan box, or the equador box that will please all moms.

What if 3 weeks after Mother's Day you offered your father the Mojito kit, entirely in stainless steel, for Father's Day?

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